The third age in Age of War 2 based on the Egyption period of 3000BC to 1000BC

Egyptian Age Warriors.Edit

Priest:(120 Gold)(1s build time)(150 HP)(Support Type)(15-25 damage)(Fast hit speed)(200 Range)

(This guy maybe very weak, but he's a great warrior to back up the other warriors. He shoots magical balls)

Kopesh Warrior:(150 Gold)(0.6s build time)(235 HP)(Infantry Type)(25-35 damage)(Fast hit speed)(No range)

(This guy has a sharp blade and high HP. He is a strong warrior but his weakness is turrets, he can go down quickly if near turrets)

Anubis Warrior:(200 Gold)(0.6s build time)(350 HP)(Anti-Armor Type)(30-50 damage)(Fast hit speed)(No range)

(This is the strongest warrior in the egyptian age, He does have 50 hp lower than the Cart warrior, but he has a high damage rate which makes him hard to kill)

Cart Warrior:(700 Gold)(0.6s build time)(400 HP)(Armored Type)(20-35 damage)(Fast hit speed)(200 range)

(This guy has a great amount of health. He can shoot missles but doesnt attack like an infantry soldier)


Golden Eagle:(1500 Gold)(450 range)(15-30 damage)

(This royal eagle will shoot fireballs, and that even far).

Big Bird: (2300 Gold)(300 range)(20-35 damage)

(This big bird will shoot fireballs as well but not that far but he has a higher damage rate)

Special Attack

Rage of the Desert: (3000 XP)

(Oh, you wont regret using this attack, you'll love it!)


Evolve to the Medieval age: (9000 XP)

(This next age is a must to use as you can use catapults and birds and magic and more!)

ADVICE: I advice you to have patience to get 1 Big Bird and 2 Eagles and i recommend you wait a while, dont worry, your turrets can handle archers but your castle may take some damage, so when you waited enough for gold, you can send 2 Anubis Warriors and send a few Cart Warriors behind them, as they can quickly kill the enemy. I recomment having 4 backup cart warriors behind the anubis warriors)

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Golden Eagle

Blue Bird


This age only appears in Age of War 2.

This age is generally supposed to be before the Spartan Age as of the history timeline

Technical WarsEdit

The age of Saudi arabia. That other Arabic units with other weapons.

Scythe Man $30

Mage $60

Anubis $150