Age of War 1 Impossible Mode Complete20:44

Age of War 1 Impossible Mode Complete

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The Future Age is the final age in the Age of War series.

Age of War 1Edit

Units: Edit

God's Blade (5k gold per unit)

Blaster (6k gold per unit)

War Machine (20k gold per unit) 

Super Soldier (150k gold per unit)

Turrets: Edit

Green plasma cannon (24k gold per turret)

Red plasma cannon (40k gold per turret)

Blue plasma cannon (100k gold per turret)

Evolution: Edit

Evolves from the Modern Age

There is no further evoluion for the future stage..

Age of War 2: The Re-Reckoning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Edit

Cyborg:(250 Gold)(2s build time)(850 HP)(Support Type)(15-30 damage)(Fast hit speed)(250 range)

(This is the weakest member of the future age, but he can be handy if you send a bunch of them)

Spider Blade:(200 Gold)(1s build time)(1000 HP)(Infantry Type)(50-60 damage)(Average hit speed)(No range)

(He has a great amount of HP, speed and damage rate, He is deadly at close range!)

Mad Scientist:(250 Gold)(3s build time)(800 HP)(Anti-Armor Type)(25-35 damage)(Fast hit speed)(400 range)

(He is the only human, that is more powerful than a robot, clearly, he modified his gun to God mode..)

Armored Combat Suit:(500 Gold)(3s build time)(1200 HP)(Armored Type)(20-35 damage)(Very Fast hit speed)(200 range)

(The ACS stands of Armored Combat Suit. This machine will kill you. First, he has really  high HP and damage rate! He’s really hard to kill, and he also shoots really fast, so you better watch out for this killer)

God’s Wrath:(20000 Gold)(6s build time)(5000 HP)(Special Type)(400-1200 damage)(Slow hit speed)(No range)

(This is the ultimate robot in human history, with Godly HP and damage, he is immortal in the eyes of humans but not turrets! Beware, his weakness is the turret section. Especially Plasma turrets)


Ion Canon:(3000 Gold)(400 range)(15-20 damage)

(This canon may seem weak but no, it’s powerful, It shoots continuously which means enemies can go down quickly)

Plasma Canon:(5000 Gold)(450 Range)(70-120 damage)

(This canon is really expensive, because of his high range and HIGH damage rate)

Heavy Plasma Canon:(7000 Gold)(450 range)(60-170 damage)

(This, is the God turret. It is the perfect counter for God's Wrath. 4 of these can destroy absolutely anything)

Special Attack

Death Ray:(7000 XP)
(This ray can kill anything, No one survives this 2012 attack sort ofthing) (Glitch is that sometimes, it does half damage or no damage)

Advice: If the enemy has 4 plasma turrets, send a God's Wrath followed by Mad scientists and use Death Ray.

The God's Wrath will absorb the turret damage while the Mad scientists cripple the base down.

Edited by SoulEmad the Great.

Army of AgesEdit

The WarsEdit

The Futuristic Age in The Wars has a same units as Age of War 1, but some units from the first game was being replaced by a new units. However, the Blaster Trooper is the only remains from the first Age of War game and its now a tier 1 unit.

Blaster Trooper

Robo Trooper

War hi

The Wars II: EvolutionEdit

The Futuristic Age in The Wars II: Evolution are similar to The Wars, but they are different.

Cyber Trooper

Robo Trooper

Assault Mech

Space Marine


  •  In Army of Ages, the color scheme of the Future Age is referenced to the Battle Mech from LEGO Minifigures series.

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