Generals Mode
is a new game mode that featured in the first Age of War. It is only available for the android version which the player faces 10 of the greatest generals. Each general has its own unique strategies and tactics.

List of GeneralsEdit

Most of the generals are modeled and named after the real-life historical figures and fictional characters.

  • Borm The Basher (King Kull from DC Comics)
  • Ramnificant The Glorius (Rameses II)
  • Zander The Great (Alexander the Great)
  • Julian the Jubilant (Julius Caesar)
  • Changwu The Sun Master (Sun Tzu)
  • Gongas Kong The Emperor (Genghis Khan)
  • Leon The Lord (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  • Hizdim The Horrible (Adolf Hitler)
  • Stalisov The Supreme (Joseph Stalin)
  • Voltonator The Vicious (Darth Vader from Star Wars)


  • Zander, Julian, and Changwu are the only generals that are based on heroic historical figures.
  • This game mode costs $5.99 in order to unlock it.
  • Each general are represents in their respective ages, but some of them are not featured in the original game such as the following:
    • Ramnificant - Egyptian Age (first appeared in Age of War 2)
    • Zander - Argead dynasty Age
    • Julian - Roman Age (first appeared in The Wars II Evolution)
    • Changwu - Sun Tzu Age
    • Gongas Kong - Mongolian Age
    • Leon - Napoleonic Age (first appeared in The Wars II Evolution as a part of the Renaissance Age)
    • Hizdim - WWII Nazi Germany
    • Stalisov - Cold War Soviet Union
  • Hizdim the Horrible is referenced to Ivan the Terrible.

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