The Modern Age is an evolutionary age in all games. 

Age of War 1Edit

Units: Edit

Melee Infantry (1.5k gold per unit)

Rifle Infantry (2k gold per unit)

Tank (7k gold per unit)

Turrets: Edit

Modern Turret (7k gold per turret)

Rocket Launcher (9k gold per turret)

Advanced Turret (14k gold per turret)

Evolution: Edit

Evolves from the Renaissance Age

Evolves to the Future Age when you get 200000 exp

TIP: It is recommended that you only buy the rocket launcher turret is its projectile is very fast and deals good damage

Age of War 2Edit

Units Type HP Cost Speed Damage
Infantry Infantry 210
Machine Gunner Support 200 5-15
Grenadier Anti-Armor
Tank Armor 850 800 50-60

Army of AgesEdit

This should be based on the early 21st Century

Units HP Damage Speed Cost
Rocket Marine
Heavy Marine
Water Collector

The WarsEdit

The Modern age in The Wars are same as Age of War 1, but the tier 3 unit is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle instead of a tank.


Rifle Infantry


The Wars II EvolutionEdit

The Modern age in The Wars II Evolution is similar to Army of Ages, but it could be based on either Persian Gulf War or the Iraq War era.


Heavy Marine


M1 Abrams Tank

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