The Renaissance Age is the third age in the first and third game, fifth in the second game and fourth in The Wars II Evolution.

Age of War 1Edit

The Rennaissance Age in the first game are based on either Dutch or French armies. 


Dueler (200 gold per unit)

Musketeer (400 gold per unit)

Cannoneer (1000 gold per unit)

Turrets Edit

Small turret (1500 gold per turret)

Large turret (3000 gold per turret)

Explosives turret (6000 gold per turret)

Evolution: Edit

Evolves from the Mideval Age

It takes 45000 exp to evolve to the Modern Age

Age of War 2Edit

The Rennaissance Age in the second game are based on Spanish Colonial Period.

Rennaissance Age Soldiers


Cost: 150 gold

Build time: 1 second

Hitpoints: 230

Type: Support

Damage: 15-30

Hit speed: Fast

Range: 200

(This unit is good in numbers)


Cost: 175 gold

Build time: 0.6 seconds

Hitpoints: 350

Type: Infantry

Damage: 30-40

Hit speed: Fast

Range: None

(This is a strong soldier with a powerful sword)


Cost: 225 gold

Build time: 0.6 seconds

Hitpoints: 300

Type: Anti-armor

Damage: 25-35

Hit speed: Fast

Range: 400

(This unit has the best range along with Mad scientist, and has to be bought with the upgrade)


Cost: 750 gold

Build time: 0.6 seconds

Hitpoints: 800

Type: Armored

Damage: 50-70

Hit speed: Fast

Range: None

(This is a great unit with high HP and great damage)


Small Cannon

Cost: 2000 gold

Range: 300

Damage: 55-75

(This is a good turret in the beginning as it kills the enemy within 2-3 shots)

Large Cannon

Cost: 4000 gold

Range: 300

Damage: 65-80

(This cannon does great damage but is a little more expensive than the Small Cannon)

Special Attack

Unhappy King

Cost: 5000 XP


Evolve to Modern Age

Cost: 11000 XP

(Researches modern military technology)

ADVICE: Put 1 Small Cannon and 1 Large Cannon, then send a couple of Swordsmen to kill the enemy and then later, send a bunch of Knights and Cannons.

Edited by SoulEmad.

Army Of AgesEdit

In Army of Ages, the Rennaissance Age is based on the 19th century British Victorian era or American "Wild West, especially as they are based on steampunk armies rather than historical like in the previous games.

Unit Damage HP Speed Cost Type
Waterman N/A
Duelist Biological, Ground, Melee, Light
Rifleman Biological, Ground, Ranged, Light
Steam Dog Fast Mechanical, Ground, Ranged, Light
Cannon 35-55 575 Mechanical, Ground, Ranged, Light
Steam Knight 35-45 565 Mechanical, Ground, Melee, Heavy
Steam Bird Mechanical, Air, Ranged, Light
Steam Spider 50-100 875 Mechanical, Air, Melee, Heavy

The WarsEdit

The Renaissance Age in The Wars are same as Age of War 1, but the Cannoneer unit in The Wars is redesigned which is similar to the Cannon from the second game, but with a soldier pushing the wheeled cannon rather than a small cannon carrying it. Also the Unhappy King special attack from Age of War 2 is returning as a replacement for Light Force Shield which fires several cannonballs from the player's base rather than falling from the sky.




The Wars II EvolutionEdit

In The Wars II Evolution, the Renaissance Age are based on French and British revolutionary armies especially the Napoleonic Wars period and the American Revolution. And also its the fourth evolution age of the game.





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