First Game

The Stone Age is the first era in both Age of War games The Stone Age base is a pile of rocks. It is the starting age of all Age of War games, but it is also the weakest age.  

Age of War 1Edit

Soldiers: Edit

Club Man (15 gold per unit)

Slingshot Man (25 gold per unit)

Dino Rider (100 gold per unit)

Turrets: Edit

Rock Slingshot (100 gold per turret)

Egg Automatic (200 gold per turret)

Primitive Catapult (500 gold per turret)

Evolution: Edit

Takes 4000 exp. to evolve to the Medieval Age


When you start,wait till enemy has 5 units out. Then, use your spell to get enough gold to buy egg launcher.

Age of War 2Edit

This is the only age that features female units.


Cost: 100 gold

Build time: 1 second

Hitpoints: 100

Type: Support

Damage: 15-30

Hit speed: Fast

Range: 180

(He throws rocks at enemies)


Cost: 130 gold

Build time: 0.8 seconds

Hitpoints: 140

Type: Infantry

Damage: 25-30

Hit speed: Fast

Range: none

(He's a basic fighter with a club)

Speedy Dino

Cost: 200 gold

Build time: 2 seconds

Hitpoints: 125

Type: Anti-armor

Damage: 30-40

Hit speed: Fast

(This is the strongest unit in the stone age, but its weakness are the support type units meaning its weak to projectiles)

Assault Dino

Cost: 600 gold

Build time: 4 seconds

Hitpoints: 350

Type: Armored

Damage: 30-50

Hit speed: Slow

Range: 200

(He is a slow unit, but his attack isn't. He not only attacks but also throws bones at enemies)

(Must be bought with the first upgrade on the list for 300 gold so they could be trained)


Second Game


Mamooth Catapult

Cost: 750 gold

Range: 400

Damage: 8-16

(This is the first turret, it may be the cheapest, but it sure can handle the stone age)

Egg sniper

Cost: 2500 gold

Range: 450

Damage: 7-14

(This is weaker than the Mamooth Catapult but has a good range and throws more rapidly)

Rock Slingshot

Cost: 2200 gold

Range: 300

Damage: 12-20

(The most powerful turret in the stone age, it shoots rocks at enemies but has a low range)

Special Attack

Meteorite Rain

Cost: 2000 XP

(This special attack is a must use attack in case you're short on gold)


Evolve to the Spartan age

Cost: 7000 XP

(Spartan age carries more powerful units but only has 1 turret)

ADVICE: If you have empty turret towers, you should first buy the stone age turrets as if you evolve into the Spartan Age you only get 1 turret and it is expensive.

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Army of AgesEdit

Unit Damage HP Speed Cost Type
Gatherer 2 30
90 Biological, Light
Spear Hunter 15 65
200 Biological
Sling Hunter 4 30
320 Biological, Ranged, Light
Boar Rider 13 70 470 Biological, Ranged, Heavy
Heavy Slingshot 14 80
530 Mechanical, Ground, Ranged, Heavy
Assault Machine 35 220
540 Mechanical, Ground, Melee, Heavy
Pterodactil 25 70
330 Biological, Air, Ranged, Light
Drachus 22 120
640 Biological, Air, Melee, Heavy

The WarsEdit

The Stone Age in The Wars are same as Age of War 1.

Mammoth Rider

The Wars II: EvolutionEdit

The Stone Age in The Wars II has an elements from Army of Ages and the Dino Rider from Age of War 1 returns with a T-Rex that bites instead of a mounted masked rider that attacks with a spear.




Dino Rider

Technical WarsEdit

The first age when you begin the game. Any time it attacks it damages with correct sounds.

Clubman $10

Slingshooter $20

Dino Rider $50